Copy Cat Skillet Cinnamon Buns

Skillet Cinnamon Buns

How many times do you pin a project or recipe on Pinterest and actually go back and make it? Over the weekend, I gave myself the challenge to do just that. When Crystal from Sew Creative made these Ooey Gooey Caramel Skillet Cinnamon Rolls, I was hooked the minute I saw them. Typically we don’t […]

My Version of the Book Page Wreath

My Version of the Book Page Wreath | Satori Design for Living

If you’re on Pinterest, a book page wreath isn’t anything new to you. I’ve been wanting to make one of these after admiring them for more than two years. ¬†When Tara from Suburble invited me to participate in a Canadian wreath blog hop (we’ll get to that), I knew it was the perfect opportunity to […]

Handmade Gift Planning + Upcoming Link Parties


On this week’s Holiday Countdown list, I encouraged you to make some gifts for Christmas instead of buying everything. Handmade gifts are not only budget-friendly, but they add a personal touch and really show someone you care. In my experience, what usually stands in the way of getting around to handcrafting gifts rather than purchasing […]

Pinterest for Holiday Inspiration

Yummy Board on Pinterest

It may only be the first day of November, but I find that the time between now and Christmas flies by quickly. Last year I got into the groove a little sooner than normal and found the time to create some handmade gifts and crafts, two things I’ve wanted to do more of, but never […]

Pinterest Boards I’m Hooked On

Shauna Oberg on Pinterest

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Pinterest. If you haven’t joined the craze, I’m surprised. I feel it’s one of the best sources of inspiration and there’s really no better way to store and categorize pictures along with their links.   Although I follow a variety of Pinterest boards, there are a few that […]

Styling a Bed

Tips for Styling a Bed- Includes how to arrange pillows

How was your weekend? We were bombarded with rain, so all outside projects were put on hold until it dries up a bit. However, it did allow me to focus on organizing my office for a while and I’m getting close to having it just the way I want it. Those of you who have […]

Flower Nostalgia + A New Collection

Green Glass Bottle Collection with Blooms

One of the best parts of gardening is being able to cut flowers to bring inside. Growing up, my grandma had the most beautiful peonies and I remember the large green glass vase she’d put them in to grace her dining table. Perhaps it’s those nostalgic feelings that draw me to peonies so much, but […]

Front Entrance Freshening

Mini Mud Room

Two weeks ago I wrote about all the problems I have with my front entrance and many of you could relate. In fact, after sharing my front entrance woes, I received an email asking if I would share some tips for organizing and beautifying a front entrance. Since I’m currently working on the plans and […]

Elements of My Dream Kitchen

Elements of my Dream Kitchen

Disclosure- I have been sponsored by Arcadian Lighting to write this post. As always, the thoughts expressed are my own. Happy Friday! I’ve been dreaming of renovating my kitchen for a long time and it definitely shows by the number of photos I have in my Kitchens to Covet¬†board on Pinterest. I love how a […]