Copy Cat Skillet Cinnamon Buns

How many times do you pin a project or recipe on Pinterest and actually go back and make it? Over the weekend, I gave myself the challenge to do just that. When Crystal from Sew Creative made these Ooey Gooey Caramel Skillet Cinnamon Rolls, I was hooked the minute I saw them. Typically we don’t eat sugary-doughy-desserts around here, but I figured a little indulgence wouldn’t harm us. Besides, the last time I made any sort of cinnamon bun was almost two decades ago (enter husband happy dance)!

Skillet Cinnamon Buns with Caramel Sauce

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Crystal at Sew Creative will walk you through how to make this decadent treat on her blog. Before you head over, I must tell you about a few modifications I made for my own preference. First, instead of using canola oil, I substituted coconut oil. As well, I used 2 cups of Robin Hood nutri flour blend “tastes like white” and ¼ cup of whole wheat flour (instead of 2 ¼ of all purpose flour the recipe called for). I’m not a fan of canola oil and I wanted to increase the fiber in these babies (to at least get some health benefits).

I can assure you these changes didn’t compromise the taste! They were so delish (even without the icing), and the dough was light and airy.

Skillet Cinnamon Buns with Caramel Sauce

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Handmade Gift Planning + Upcoming Link Parties

On this week’s Holiday Countdown list, I encouraged you to make some gifts for Christmas instead of buying everything. Handmade gifts are not only budget-friendly, but they add a personal touch and really show someone you care. In my experience, what usually stands in the way of getting around to handcrafting gifts rather than purchasing them is careful planning. That’s why I always start no later than mid-November.

If you’re stumped about what to make grandparents, neighbors, friends or anyone else on your gift list, start by looking through magazines or websites for ideas. Some of my favorite sources are Style at Home, Chatelaine, Pinterest, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, and other design blogs. Once you’ve found some possibilities, bookmark them or pin them to a board on Pinterest.

{Left to Right: Teacup Candle, Cowgirl Cookie Mix, Christmas in a Jar

After I’ve found some handmade gift possibilities (or at least some inspiration), I think about who the gift would be perfect for. For instance, my husband’s aunt loves sweets, so I always try to bake something to go along with her main gift. Some of my friends are avid readers, so I make something to complement a book. You get the picture…

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Pinterest for Holiday Inspiration

It may only be the first day of November, but I find that the time between now and Christmas flies by quickly. Last year I got into the groove a little sooner than normal and found the time to create some handmade gifts and crafts, two things I’ve wanted to do more of, but never really found the time to squeeze them in. So what was different about last year? First of all, my son no longer plays hockey, which has freed up a lot of time because we’re no longer running around all over the place. Another reason has to do with planning.

I start looking for ideas online and in magazines at the end of October so I will have time to gather everything I need and still have time to put it all together. I find inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, Chatelaine, Style at Home and several blogs. These are all fantastic, but my favorite source of inspiration at the moment is Pinterest, where I can find all sorts of DIY, craft, decorating and gift-wrapping ideas. Currently, I have 4 boards on Pinterest related to Christmas.

Holiday Decorating and Ideas is a general board I created last year for pinning project ideas, music, decorating ideas and other photos to do with the Christmas season.

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Pinterest Boards I’m Hooked On

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Pinterest. If you haven’t joined the craze, I’m surprised. I feel it’s one of the best sources of inspiration and there’s really no better way to store and categorize pictures along with their links.


Although I follow a variety of Pinterest boards, there are a few that seem to always catch my eye. First up, it’s probably no surprise that I’m drawn to a board called Beach House by Wendy Hicken. Not only do I love the softness of colors, but the light and airy rooms scream summer, meaning rest and relaxation. It’s probably my favorite time of the year, and having a cottage is definitely a dream of mine.

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Styling a Bed

How was your weekend? We were bombarded with rain, so all outside projects were put on hold until it dries up a bit. However, it did allow me to focus on organizing my office for a while and I’m getting close to having it just the way I want it. Those of you who have been asking about my office closet makeover, I promise you will see the after photos soon. Between our basement renovation, the Outdoor Extravaganza and wrapping up client projects before summer holidays, that particular project took a back seat. I’m sure some of you can relate!

A while back, I stumbled upon a clever visual on Pinterest for arranging pillows on a bed. After tracking down the source, I discovered that Marissa from Marissa Waddell Interiors and Roost was the creator and I asked if she would share some tips for styling a bed. Thankfully she agreed, so here goes…



One of my favorite decorating duties is to pick out and arrange pillows. There are literally a million ways to style pillows on a bed! I made this little cheat sheet of my 10 favorite ways… but how do I decide which one to use? That decision process is usually three steps for me:


Tips for Styling A Bed


1. How big is the bed? 
King-size beds usually require arrangements with two or three big Euro pillows. Queen-size beds can handle standard or Euro arrangements. Most of these arrangements work for twin-size beds, too– just half the number of pillows (round down for odd numbers).
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