All Things Christmas {December Link Party Features}

Are you ready for Christmas? We finished everything yesterday, except for the food preparations that can only be done at the last minute. I’m excited to unplug and spend the next little while with family and friends!

Thank you to everyone who shared projects at the 3 link parties I co-hosted this month along with Shannon from AKA Design, Jo-Anna from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs, and Aimee of It’s Overflowing. I hope you were inspired as much as I was. I definitely found some last minute ideas and pinned some that will have to wait until next year!

All Things Christmas- December Link Party Features-

As promised, I’m sharing some of my favorites from each of the parties with you today. (Please pin from the original source.)

First up from our Handmade Gifts and Gift Wrap party…

Chocolate Mint Homemade Lip Balm by Lucy of Craftberry Bush

All Things Christmas- Handmade Gift Idea- chocolate mint lip balm craftberry bush

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Hot Chocolate Bar {All the Details}

Last week I shared the hot chocolate bar I put together for the holiday season. As promised, I’m sharing all the details of that project with you today. Before you read on, be sure to grab a cup of deliciousness for yourself!


Hot Chocolate Bar | Satori Design for Living

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Before I get to the DIY details and source list, here are a few more photos to refresh your memory…


Hot Chocolate Bar | Satori Design for Living

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Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station

It was around this time last year that I spotted a hot cocoa station on Pinterest and decided I wanted to create one of my own for this holiday season. I began planning the style back in November, and when a “secret box” of ornaments from Pottery Barn showed up at my door, it was the missing piece I needed to tie everything together.


Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station | Satori Design for Living

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The color of candy cane red combined with robin’s egg blue and, of course, a background of white, is a scheme I have always been drawn to. There’s something about it that evokes a sense of nostalgia. After spotting these inexpensive blue mugs and their matching bowls, I had my jumping off point. A little more shopping around, including a couple thrift shops, as well as my own cupboards,  and I was able to put together the perfect station for warming up after a skating party or day of skiing on New Year’s Day.


Nostalgic Hot Cocoa Station | Satori Design for Living

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Log Slice Chalkboard Ornaments

I was very impressed with the glass paint projects the gals came up with last week, and I’m certain this round of the One Item Project Challenge will be no different. If you missed the introduction to this series and want to be brought up to speed, be sure to check out my snowflake glass canisters and the links to Kristin, Tiffany and Sara’s projects.


One Item Project Challenge 2013


For this week, I chose branches (twigs, logs or basically any part of the tree) as the item we had to work with. I’ve always been drawn to natural materials and knew I wanted to add a touch of the outdoors to my holiday decorating scheme this year.


DIY Log Slice Chalkboard Ornaments | Satori Design for Living

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Before we get to the tutorial for this project, I must give you a little behind the scenes…

Those of you who have been following my Holiday Countdown know that I suggested gathering outdoor decorating materials several weeks ago before the weather turned miserable. Being a procrastinator at times, I waited until Friday to find the large tree branch I knew I would need for this project. The morning started out as rain and turned to sleet, and the forecast was saying snow for Saturday. I threw on my parka and the first boots I saw and trudged down to the river. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the paths were like a skating rink, and I ended up falling really hard on my back and elbows. Lesson learned- DO NOT wear fashion boots into the woods, practice what I preach and, lastly, choose less life-threatening DIY projects!

Needless to say, I survived. Despite having a sore back and a bruised ego (forgot to mention there were witnesses), I did manage (with a lot of help from my husband) to make the log slice chalkboard ornaments I had envisioned.

What you will need for this project:

Large tree branch or log (about 3-4″ in diameter)
Mitre saw
Drill with small bit
Sand paper (extra fine grit)
Chalkboard paint
Paint brush (small)
Jute string
Stencils (optional)


To begin with, cut your log into slices (a little less than ½” thick) with a mitre saw. To get a nice clean cut, you may need to place a board under the log (we found doing that kept the bark in tact all around the log, especially on wider logs).


Cutting Log Slices for Ornament


Once you have as many slices as you want, drill small holes in each about ¼” from the top to put the jute string hanger through.


Drilling Holes | Log Slice Chalkboard Ornaments | Satori Design for Living


Sand each one lightly to remove loose bits. Make sure the surface is fairly smooth and apply two coats of chalkboard paint leaving a small border of wood showing. Let dry and feed the jute string through each hole knotting together at the top.
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Holiday Countdown is On! {reader round-up}

Christmas is almost here and I’m happy to report that aside from a few dishes to prepare, I have everything ready to go- Yippee! As mentioned throughout the Holiday Countdown series, getting ready isn’t about perfection. However, in my experience I always feel better the more prepared I am. I try to keep in mind that most likely something will not go the way I hoped it would. Perhaps our family cards getting lost in the mail somewhere between the US and Canada would’ve frazzled me a little more had there been a mountain of other disappointments. I can honestly say at first I was flustered, but now I find it kind of amusing that I started thinking about our cards way back on week 2 and now they’re going to be late!

I want to extend a big shout out to all of you who followed along. I enjoyed your emails and comments and I’m so happy to share what some of you have been up to over the past couple months. Pretty fantastic stuff!

Elaine from Visual Meringue created these adorable party favors:


Nikki from Nikki in Stitches made these simple, yet beautiful ornaments:

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