Style vs. Practicality in Home Decorating

I had this gorgeous blue and white living room photo sent to me the other day by Serena & Lily showcasing their new product line available starting on Friday, and I immediately knew it would inspire some of the changes we’re going to make to our main floor. As mentioned on Monday, we are starting at the front of the house (laundry room, powder room and entryway), but our attention will then turn to the adjoining living room and kitchen.


Blue and White Living Room  Serena & Lily


I’ve always been drawn to light and airy interiors, but practicality always seems to win. White walls don’t mix well with the constant stream of hockey bags and backpacks in and out of the house. Teenage boys (and their friends) have a tendency to make messes and break things (it’s just their nature). Dogs, as lovable as they are, aren’t aware that laying in the same spot of an area rug, drooling and shedding like crazy, and sneezing on the nearby silk drapery is not the best idea. (That’s why they were taken down and we’ve lived with just drapery rods and, eventually, just holes.) Reegan couldn’t help it, she just loved looking out that window waiting for everyone to come home (barking at everyone else!).

Years pass by so quickly and things change. Now it’s just the two of us most of the time. Hayden is off at college and Reegan is… well, I like to think she’s off running in a meadow somewhere feeling the warm sun on her face. She is (was) a warm weather kind of girl, just like me!

As much as I miss Hayden, his friends and the sound of Reegan snoring all morning, it dawned on me not so long ago that, moving forward, our decorating decisions don’t need to be all about practicality. Perhaps style can move to the forefront, or at least play a bigger role. Of course we can’t throw caution to the wind as my husband has a tendency to spill his coffee on a monthly basis, and I eat my lunch in front of the TV when I’m by myself (there may or may not be some crumbs on the couch).
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First Home Project Plans for 2014

As mentioned last week, I’ve been working behind the scenes on the blog to bring everything up to date and clear out anything that no longer serves a purpose. It seems like every facet of our lives needs a re-working some time or another, doesn’t it? My birthday is this week (it’s a biggie), and I find myself thinking about what I want to leave behind as I enter a new decade, as well as what has been serving me well and will be carried forward. Getting rid of the old tends to make room for something new, and in my experience, it’s usually a better fit.

As I reflect on my personal changes, I can’t help but think about those I also want to make to our home. Have you ever entered a room and thought, “I really despise that!” It happened to me just the other day when I looked at our kitchen curtains. What worked ten years ago isn’t working now (am I surprised?). It’s time to look at our home with a fresh set of eyes and make some changes bit by bit.

Although we have big renovation plans over the next two years, we’ve decided to start with the smaller projects for now. Our laundry room, powder room and front entryway are all connected (see our main level floor plan below in mirror image to show how our house was built). That’s where the focus will be for the first part of 2014.


Our House Plan- Main Floor


Our plan is to update each space from builder boring to better reflect our style preferences. I’ve already purchased some new bath hardware in polished chrome to replace the towel bar and tissue holder in the powder room. We’re also adding a new glass shelf (a small part of what we’re going to do, but these details can make or break a room). Other updates will be replacing the linoleum with tile, painting, adding a new light fixture and some accessories.


Bistro towel bar- Restoration Hardware
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I Want Your Input, Please!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season. As luck would have it, I started feeling lousy on Christmas Eve and couldn’t even get out of bed until December 27th. Although I was able to make our New Year’s trip out to the mountains, I had to forgo skiing or much of anything else. I’m still not feeling 100%, but I’m slowing working on projects that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. I’m also catching up on updating the Project Gallery and a few other blog housekeeping tasks I’ve fallen behind on. My goal is to make it super easy for you to find past projects, tutorials and information on decorating, organizing, DIY and more. You can find the up to date recipes page here.

Satori Design for Living Project Gallery

Not feeling well over the holidays reiterated how important it is to appreciate the simple things we often take for granted. Of course my family is always on the forefront of my mind, but do I let them know that on a daily basis? Perhaps not, and that’s going to change! Is the work I do truly meaningful? I feel it is, but there’s always room for improvement. The purpose of this blog has always been to inspire you to create a home where you feel nurtured, peaceful, uplifted and most like yourself- your sanctuary. This year I want to continue on that path, making it more about YOU and less about me.

That’s where your feedback and input comes in. I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of on the blog this year i.e which posts inspire you the most? Organizing? Decorating? DIY? Recipes? Outdoor and Gardening?  Something else? (You can be specific or general.)
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Year in Review {2013}

It’s that time again when the calendar is about to turn to another year! Although I’m taking a short break from blogging, I thought I’d stop by quickly to review a few of my favorite and most memorable moments of 2013. Before I get to that, I must first thank each and every one of you for being so supportive. I love sharing ideas and projects with you, and I’m so fortunate to be able to live out my passion each and every day. I wish the same for you. If you’re not quite there, may 2014 be the year when it begins! Perhaps this print will be the motivation you need…

 Live Your Passion | Quotable Life on Etsy

Skiing at Sunshine

Skiing Sunshine 2013_1

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September: Time for Making Changes

Does September feel like a fresh start to you? Although January typically marks new beginnings in most people’s minds, I tend to have these types of feelings in September. I think it has to do with all the years I spent at school, university, and then being a teacher. Later on, I even started my interior design and decorating business on the first day of September in 2008, followed by this blog in the same month three years later.


Making Changes Quote- Max De Pree

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At the beginning of September, I always like to step back and assess what’s working in my life and what I’d like to change. Some of these are more personal tweaks, like cutting back sugar in my diet, exercising more regularly or journaling a little more. Other thoughts are changes I’d like to make in my physical surroundings, such as finally creating a welcoming entryway or cozying up the family room. Lastly, I think about what direction I want my business and blog to go in, including what services I want to pare back or add, the new causes I want to support, the types of clients I truly want to work with, as well as the conferences or design shows I definitely want to attend within the year.

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