Our Entryway Design Plan

I mentioned at the beginning of April that I ordered a new blue ombre rug for our entryway. It finally arrived, and I’m feeling relieved because the bold color is exactly what I wanted to wake up the space. Like many makeover projects, the rug is only the jumping off point. Sometimes new accessories are all you need to refresh a space, but in this case, our entryway design plan requires a whole lot more to create a welcoming first impression.

Entryway Design Plan {Satori Design for Living}

If all goes well in regards to timeframe and budget, these are the steps I believe we need to take in order to give our entryway an updated look:

Remove the linoleum and replace with tile.

From the moment we moved into this home I have despised the flooring. Not only is it lifting, but the pattern and colors are terrible. I don’t care how beautiful an area rug is, it’s never going to camouflage this ugliness.
Entryway Flooring Before
Although I haven’t finalized the tile, I’m leaning towards a charcoal slate floor.


Slate Floor in Mudroom

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Our Basement Renovation {an update}

How was your weekend? Mine flew by and I cannot believe it’s Monday already! On Saturday my husband and I went and checked out some of the new showhomes that opened up in town in an area called Mountainview. Sounds beautiful, but the lots that are currently available don’t have what you’d call a mountain view. Those lots won’t be available until a later phase. We also drove through the mud to check out a series of new acreage lots just outside town that have recently opened up. Many of these have beautiful views and certainly peaked our interest. We definitely have a lot to think about!

Back to the current task at hand…

While we were going through homes, I was also looking for ideas for our basement renovation. Construction is going to start in one week and we still have a few decisions to make. I’m still determining whether we want a completely smooth ceiling or a knock-down texture. I have been advised that smooth ceilings show every mark (from fingers, balls, etc.) and, although I like the look, I’m worried about the maintenance. I think I’m willing to chance it and I figure if it works for Sarah Richardson, it will for me. (I just need to have faith that my teenage son and his friends will take it easy!)


{via Sarah Richardson Design}


I’m also not sure what type of carpet I’d like to install. Unfortunately our basement doesn’t have heated floors or I’d probably go with a solid surface floor instead. I’m leaning towards a patterned low-pile mix of loop and cut. I want to select something that is family friendly and resilient, but also doesn’t show footprints like so many carpets do. Any suggestions?


{via Shaw Floors}

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