Deck Revamp + A Privacy Partition

When we moved to our current home, one of the biggest adjustments from living in a rural area was the lack of privacy in our back yard. I’m not saying we wanted to shut our neighbors out. We just didn’t want everything on display all the time, and I think the feeling was mutual.

Over the years to help alleviate the problem, we’ve added some trees and built a stone patio that allows us to sit lower in the yard. The last thing that remained on our privacy to-do list was to construct a partition around the upper deck.

What we started with was a small upper deck that was here when we moved in. I was grateful to have something, but the painted spindles were challenging to maintain and I never felt comfortable spending time on it. It was definitely time to do something about it.


Revamping an Existing Deck


After some research, sketching and careful planning, we started the deck revamp process. My son put his power tool skills to work and began taking down the spindles. Of course my husband had to try to show him up (competition is always in full force between the two!).


Deck Revamp

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