Storage Rooms + Why I Need to Put Thrifting On Hold

Shaker Style Double Doors

Is it just me or did this week seem to fly by? Now that I've put my outdoor projects to rest for a while, I thought I'd turn my focus to organizing our basement storage rooms. I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity before our media room gets filled with new furniture and I'm left with little room to pull everything out, get rid of the drywall dust from our basement renovation, and put it all back a little more organized than it was in … [Read more...]

Construction is Finally Done! {Our Basement Reveal}

Basement Closet Area Before

After weeks of planning, and what turned out to be months of construction, our basement is finally ready to occupy. If you've been following along on this renovation journey, you know that back in early May we set out to create a family TV and entertaining area. With a few obstacles, combined with summer holiday trade schedules, our timeline seemed to expand. But, as of this week, we are finally able to make use of the space. Remember what we … [Read more...]

It’s All in the Details {Basement Update}

Our Basement Renovation

We're rounding third base on our basement renovation and I couldn't be happier. To recap, we started with an unfinished basement and set out to create a family-friendly room for entertaining and relaxing, as well as additional space for when we have overnight guests. To date, with a lot of help, we've completed the framing, electrical, drywall, trim work, painting, and flooring. Here's a sneak peek of our progress. Like most renovations, … [Read more...]

Basement Fabric Considerations

WIndsor Smith Home Collection

Over the extended Canada Day weekend, I took a bit of a break to spend some time with family and friends. It has been quite a few years since I've camped in a tent, but I have to admit it was better than I remembered. It was really nice to get away and not think about trim work, paint, tile, lighting and flooring (can you tell I'm ready for our basement renovation to be over!). We're nearing the end and I'm happy to report that the Sarah … [Read more...]

Basement Paint Colors

Cashmere SR-13

Our basement renovation is moving right along and I'm feeling a bit of pressure to make some of the decorating decisions, including paint colors. Up until this point, I've had a general idea of how I want the final area to feel, but I've been slow at nailing down specific choices. Today, the trim work is being finished and the next step will be painting. You can check out Our Basement Renovation if you've missed any of the progress to this … [Read more...]

Basement Progress {Framing and Electrical}

Basement Renovation Plan

Although we've only completed the framing and rough-in electrical work of our basement renovation, I can get a pretty good sense of how the rooms are going to look. We've made some adjustments along the way, but careful planning beforehand has definitely paid off. Our original plan looked something like this sketch below. (I will post a new sketch with the revisions at another time, but this at least gives you a sense of our basement … [Read more...]

Basement Renovation Finally Underway!

Wet Bar

As I hear clanging and banging coming from the basement, it's a good sign for me. We've been planning our basement renovation for several months now and it's finally underway. Yesterday everything was mapped out on the floor and the rest of the week will be framing, with the electrical work starting on Monday. Although we've put a lot of thought in to the design, there are always obstacles that come up in any renovation. I've already had to … [Read more...]

Our Basement Renovation {an update}

Katmandu- Shaw

How was your weekend? Mine flew by and I cannot believe it's Monday already! On Saturday my husband and I went and checked out some of the new showhomes that opened up in town in an area called Mountainview. Sounds beautiful, but the lots that are currently available don't have what you'd call a mountain view. Those lots won't be available until a later phase. We also drove through the mud to check out a series of new acreage lots just outside … [Read more...]

Our Basement Renovation {Part One}


This week I've been finalizing the plans for our basement. When we purchased our home 8 years ago, it was unfinished and we didn't have any intention of doing much with it. Over the years it has mainly served as a place for storage, somewhere to hold my work table for messy projects, a place to work out (sadly, not very often) and the occasional mini sticks game. As time has gone by and my son has become older, the need for more room in our … [Read more...]