Bold Patterned Wallpaper- Would You Dare?

Wallpaper is still on my wish list, and I’ve been on the lookout for patterns and colors that could potentially work somewhere in our house. Most of our rooms are neutral with touches of color, so going bold or graphic in a definite color would mean stepping way out of my box. To be honest, part of the reason I enjoy being a designer is working with clients who are ready for a change and want to go with something that’s a little more daring. Thankfully, those chances we’ve taken so far (sometimes with our fingers and toes crossed) have paid off.

For me, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll stick to what I know and have loved for many years and choose something that’s a little more subdued. I’ve learned over the years what works for me in the short term and what has staying power. Wallpaper is something that’s a little more permanent than changing out a colorful vase or pillow. But, for those of you who are willing to go all the way, I’ve found some wallpaper options that will take you there…

Perhaps it’s just because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but I’m really drawn to pink at the moment. I love this graphic Grata wallpaper design from York Wallcoverings. If I had a dressing room or my own walk-in closet, this is a wallpaper I would definitely consider.

York Wall Coverings- GRATA


Look how pretty and spring-like this watercolor peony wallpaper is from Anthropologie! I could see this in a powder room with white-painted wainscoting below or on the back of a bookcase or cabinet for a touch of color.

Watercolor Peony Wallpaper- Anthropologie
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Thrift Shop Find: Vintage Tea Towels

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re most likely aware that one of my favorite things to do is peruse thrift shops or flea markets whenever I get the chance. I’ve become very disciplined with my purchases ever since I laid out some ground rules for thrifting earlier this year. So difficult, but so necessary! Only buying items I have a definite plan for has really kept the clutter in our basement storage rooms to a minimum.

With that being said, I was thrilled to stumble across a couple vintage tea towels at a local thrift shop last week. I have been coveting similar Anthropologie dish towels, but we’re far to hard on ours (think overflowing coffee maker like the one I experienced this morning!) to spend in the ballpark of $20 each. Instead, I picked up both of these for $3!


Flowers and Trees Vintage Tea Towels


The “Scottish Wild Flowers” cotton tea towel was created by Glen Appin, a Scottish textile and gift company dating back to 1903. I love the summery colors and simple illustrations of some of my favorite flowers.


Scottish Wild Flowers Vintage Tea Towel
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Farmer’s Market Basket {Friday’s Fab Find}

I have the Katy Perry “T-G-I-F” chanting in my mind today. Anyone else glad it’s Friday? I definitely don’t have those kinds of plans for the weekend, but I am itching to get out of the house for a while. I’m also excited about getting to meet my baby niece on Sunday (I’m a great aunt now, but let’s just stick with aunt!).

I was flipping through May’s Style at Home mag earlier this week and came across a cute porcelain berry basket from Crate and Barrel that I definitely need to check out.


Fab Find- Porcelain Berry Box


You may remember the brightly colored farmer’s market baskets I showed you from Antrhopologie a couple months ago. As fabulous as they are, they come with a price tag of around $20. This comparable one from Crate and Barrel for around the same size is about $8, which I think is a little more manageable. I also love the matching milk bottle, egg crate, storage containers, and colander.


Fab Finds- Porcelain Berry Box, Milk Bottle and Egg Crate


If white is what you’re looking for, this is a great alternative. Plus, once you add your fruit or veges, you’ll get the pop of color you may be looking for.

Porcelain Berry Baskets- Price Comparison

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Colorful and Fun Kitchen Decor

Happy February! I’ve been on a mission to get my kitchen organized and refreshed this week and thought it would be fun to add some color to help lift us out of this winter slump. Anyone else feeling blah? My friend Aimee posted this colorful kitchen photo from Target’s catalogue and I immediately knew it’s the vibe I’ve been craving. Perhaps a little daring for the neutral-lover in me, but accessories are always a safe bet because they’re relatively inexpensive and easy enough to change up.


Yellow and Coral Kitchen


If you’re daring and like to live with vibrant color year round then I won’t stop you from painting your kitchen a bright yellow. My client Fiona did and she loves the cheeriness it brings to her space even on the dreariest of days. If you’re like me and that kind of commitment scares you, then perhaps dots of color here are there are your best bet.

After searching for some colorful kitchen accessories earlier this week, I was excited to come across some fun storage canisters, ceramic baskets and tea towels I plan on purchasing. I also found a bunch of other ideas that may be a good way to liven up your kitchen.

Adding Colorful Accessories to Your Kitchen

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Source guide:  lemon tea towel, bicycle tea towel, farmers market baskets, dipped bamboo utensils, canisters, serving bowl, drapery finials, storage tin, area rug

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Spring Trendspotting {Florals}

Although we had a very mild winter this year, spring is definitely taking its time to arrive where I live. Last week it snowed almost every night and today we’re supposed to get even more, combined with heavy winds- oh joy! I’m trying to stay optimistic, but it’s all becoming too much!

Over the weekend I was thinking about what I love about spring and why I want it hurry up and get here so much (besides the warm weather). My son and I went to the movie 21 Jump Street and, on the way home, we started talking about my high school days (if you haven’t seen the movie, basically it’s about 2 cops who go undercover as high school students). Our conversation somehow turned to fashion and I remembered how much I loved shopping for spring clothes. One particular outfit I wore to a school dance flashed in my mind. It was a pink, yellow and green floral oversized shirt paired with pink leggings and a large bauble necklace. Do you remember this style? Although I don’t have any photos (thank goodness), from what I recall it was very similar to the spring floral trend we’re seeing this year.


{via Gabrielle Teare}

Although I still love fashion, my focus is taking what’s on trend and applying it to interiors. Floral isn’t for everyone, but it can be represented in a variety of doses to inject color and pattern to any space. Here are some ideas for incorporating the floral trend into your home:

{via Stitched Nestings}

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