DIY Roman Shade Using Spoonflower Fabric

When we first moved into our current house more than 10 years ago, I had lofty ambitions to create custom window treatments for every room. I managed to sew drapery for our living room, kitchen, and dining room, and even sewed a roman shade for our bathroom. Then, the busyness of life got in the way and those plans came to a halt.

For years, I’ve wanted a patterned roman shade in my office, but paying the hefty price for a custom one was something I wasn’t willing to do. Last week, I finally tackled this long-awaited project, and I’m thrilled with the results!

DIY Sew + No Sew Roman Shade | Satori Design for Living

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To backtrack a bit, I came up with the idea a while ago to start a new series where a small group of bloggers would be given the same medium to work with. It would then be up to each of them to decide what they wanted to create or decorate using it. The premise was:

“What can you do with…?”

To kick this series off, I asked Jamie, Jennifer, and Beckie to show what they could do with 2 yards of fabric. (You’ll get a sneak peek of their beautiful projects in a bit.)

I was thrilled when Spoonflower agreed to jump on board for the first round of this series. Each of us were able to select 2 yards of linen-cotton canvas from their amazing selection of prints. After spending way too much time on Spoonflower’s site (it’s so easy to get lost in all the goodness!), I settled on a modern trellis fabric called Claudette. When it arrived, I was very impressed with the quality.

Claudette Linen Charcoal fabric on Spoonflower

DIY Custom Roman Shade

Creating your own custom roman shade isn’t difficult, just time consuming. If you’re going to attempt it for the first time, I suggest starting with a solid color or small pattern for your fabric. Using a large-scale print like I did requires very precise measuring to get everything lined up just right. Also, if your window isn’t completely square, it’s better to forgo a large print.

The technique I use is a combination of “sew and no-sew” to give you professional results without all of the hassle. The deconstructed mini blind technique I’ve seen is great for blackout fabrics, but I’m not a fan of seeing the horizontal slats when the blind is down. The method I’m sharing today is perfect for semi-transparent fabrics when you want a bit of the light to shine through. You will only be able to see the tape slightly where the string runs through- so much better!
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Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape

Easter is just around the corner, and I thought it would be fun to create a new tablescape for our family gathering. After this long harsh winter, nothing makes me happier than seeing the freshness and vibrancy of green mixed with natural elements of Spring. This year’s table is all about embracing simplicity.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots

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Putting a tablescape together for Easter can be cheap and cheerful. I always like to mix the old with the new in any decorating project to make it interesting and budget-friendly. It’s all about layering and using materials with different textures and tones.

I started with a basic runner that I created out of a piece of cotton canvas. Tearing the edges and putting it through the washer and dryer was all it took to get the natural feel I was going for.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots and Tulips


I set the table with my existing dishes and flatware, and layered some new yellow and white striped linen napkins that I wrapped in a bee-printed cotton ribbon from May Arts.

Nature Inspired Easter Tablescape with Peat Pots


I topped the napkins with simple peat pots that I filled with organic wheat grass I picked up at the grocery store. I  embellished the pots with jute string and a flag I printed out and attached to a chopstick. Here’s where you could mix it up a bit and use them as place cards instead. I plan on sending these Easter peat pots home with everyone as a small gift.

Easter Peat Pot Supplies


Here’s the Easter printable I created in a soft mint color. Simply click the image to get the PDF (or go here), print on cardstock, cut out, fold in half and glue to a chopstick, skewer or popsicle stick.

Printable Labels for Easter Peat Pots

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Style vs. Practicality in Home Decorating

I had this gorgeous blue and white living room photo sent to me the other day by Serena & Lily showcasing their new product line available starting on Friday, and I immediately knew it would inspire some of the changes we’re going to make to our main floor. As mentioned on Monday, we are starting at the front of the house (laundry room, powder room and entryway), but our attention will then turn to the adjoining living room and kitchen.


Blue and White Living Room  Serena & Lily


I’ve always been drawn to light and airy interiors, but practicality always seems to win. White walls don’t mix well with the constant stream of hockey bags and backpacks in and out of the house. Teenage boys (and their friends) have a tendency to make messes and break things (it’s just their nature). Dogs, as lovable as they are, aren’t aware that laying in the same spot of an area rug, drooling and shedding like crazy, and sneezing on the nearby silk drapery is not the best idea. (That’s why they were taken down and we’ve lived with just drapery rods and, eventually, just holes.) Reegan couldn’t help it, she just loved looking out that window waiting for everyone to come home (barking at everyone else!).

Years pass by so quickly and things change. Now it’s just the two of us most of the time. Hayden is off at college and Reegan is… well, I like to think she’s off running in a meadow somewhere feeling the warm sun on her face. She is (was) a warm weather kind of girl, just like me!

As much as I miss Hayden, his friends and the sound of Reegan snoring all morning, it dawned on me not so long ago that, moving forward, our decorating decisions don’t need to be all about practicality. Perhaps style can move to the forefront, or at least play a bigger role. Of course we can’t throw caution to the wind as my husband has a tendency to spill his coffee on a monthly basis, and I eat my lunch in front of the TV when I’m by myself (there may or may not be some crumbs on the couch).
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First Home Project Plans for 2014

As mentioned last week, I’ve been working behind the scenes on the blog to bring everything up to date and clear out anything that no longer serves a purpose. It seems like every facet of our lives needs a re-working some time or another, doesn’t it? My birthday is this week (it’s a biggie), and I find myself thinking about what I want to leave behind as I enter a new decade, as well as what has been serving me well and will be carried forward. Getting rid of the old tends to make room for something new, and in my experience, it’s usually a better fit.

As I reflect on my personal changes, I can’t help but think about those I also want to make to our home. Have you ever entered a room and thought, “I really despise that!” It happened to me just the other day when I looked at our kitchen curtains. What worked ten years ago isn’t working now (am I surprised?). It’s time to look at our home with a fresh set of eyes and make some changes bit by bit.

Although we have big renovation plans over the next two years, we’ve decided to start with the smaller projects for now. Our laundry room, powder room and front entryway are all connected (see our main level floor plan below in mirror image to show how our house was built). That’s where the focus will be for the first part of 2014.


Our House Plan- Main Floor


Our plan is to update each space from builder boring to better reflect our style preferences. I’ve already purchased some new bath hardware in polished chrome to replace the towel bar and tissue holder in the powder room. We’re also adding a new glass shelf (a small part of what we’re going to do, but these details can make or break a room). Other updates will be replacing the linoleum with tile, painting, adding a new light fixture and some accessories.


Bistro towel bar- Restoration Hardware
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Office Makeover {One Room Challenge Finale}

The One Room Challenge may be over, but I’ll still be carrying on with my office makeover. When I joined this series on October 2, I set out to cure my case of ‘Decoritus Interruptus’ and I’m happy to report that I’m on the road to recovery! Each week I’ve made progress in one way or another, and thanks to the brains behind this series (aka Linda of Calling it Home), I’m that much closer to putting a check mark beside “organize and decorate my office.”

On week one of the challenge, I started out with an office that lacked personality and definitely needed some attention in the organizing department. Because most of my time and attention is usually spent on client projects, I didn’t have time to transform the space from head to toe, but I’m thrilled with how everything is looking in a short period of time. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Office Makeover- DIY Art Canvas, RANARP work lamp,  Printer's Keyhole Desk

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Last week I started an art project using an old canvas I found kicking around in our storage room. It now hangs on the wall beside my desk, and I love the subtle color it brings to the space. My husband titled it “Foggy Lake” and, although it may not be a true work of art, I’m happy with how it turned out considering the little time (and basically no money) I spent on it.

If you have some leftover paint and an old canvas, I encourage you to try this project. Be sure to prime over what’s there first to make sure you get good coverage.


Art project using an old canvas and leftover paint


Art Canvas Makeover Project


I started with a natural linen paint color at the bottom of the canvas and worked my way up with a light blue-green, dark grey, light turquoise, and finally, white. To blend the colors, I simply dipped my brush in water, patted it on a paper towel and worked them together slightly overlapping. It’s really hard to mess it up, but make sure you don’t overwork the colors (you don’t want them to look muddy).
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