Living Room Refresh for Spring

Today, I’m excited to show you my latest e-design project.¬†After receiving Barbara’s list of wants and needs, as well as looking through several snapshots of her living room, I was able to pinpoint what she was looking for.

The Details

  • Drawn towards traditional styling.
  • Favorite furniture resources are Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.
  • Most comfortable living with shades of cream, yellow and pink.
  • She and her husband basically live in the room.
  • Loves everything in the room, but wants the look pulled together.

Mood Board

Living Room Refresh

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Decorating Plan

Before, Barbara’s living room had great foundational pieces, but it lacked personality. I suggested keeping the space fairly neutral by adding different textures, such as grasscloth wallpaper, a sisal area rug and chunky accessories. Adding a few more yellow accessories will bring the space to life, and will complement the existing elements in other parts of her home to maintain flow.

Here’s what we were starting with. Pretty good, right?

Living Room Refresh Before_2


Living Room Refresh Before

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Along with the mood board, I created a plan for updating the window treatments, addressing the fireplace, styling the built-ins, and more. Here are some of the inspiration photos I included to demonstrate the direction I suggest taking the room in…

Yellow Styled Built-ins via Decor Pad


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The Glamorous Life of a Decorator

I’ve been busy working on several design and decorating projects over the past few months, and thought it would be fun to give you a behind the scenes look at what my day-to-day is like within my business. I’m one of a small percentage of people who truly loves what she does, but I’m certain in saying it isn’t always the glamorous job so many people make it out to be.

Sure, I get access to some of the most beautiful fabrics, wallpapers, decor and furniture pieces in the industry. I also get to be creative, set my own schedule, and shop with other people’s money. But, there are also those late night emails or calls from clients questioning the height of a newly installed light fixture or the darkness of a paint color. There are also those times I have to drop everything in my day to take a look at a custom made sofa that has shown up with a major flaw in the fabric after a client has waited several months to get it. Those, indeed, are the glamorous days in the life of a decorator…

The Glamorous Life of a Decorator- Satori Design for Living

The number of projects I have going on at any one time depends on the scope of the work, as well as the time frame. Some projects last over a year, whereas others wrap up in as little as one afternoon. Currently, I’m working on three long term projects and two short term projects. My schedule is a bit fuller than I’d like, but two projects are scheduled to wrap up this week.

Here’s a recap of what I did last week (not including blogging or other responsibilities)…


The morning started out with returning emails from potential clients, followed by confirming appointments with current clients for the week. Most often this requires a series of back and forth emails until all questions are answered and everything is set (until I get at call changing things up again). Next, I ordered replacement paint swatches from Benjamin Moore (I always leave my larger swatches with clients).

In the afternoon, I drove 25 minutes to pick up the photography I had dropped off at the framer’s the week before, and sourced table options on the way home at 3 different locations. Unfortunately, only one was a contender, so it will require a bit more running around.


Trestle Table with X Base


My day started with an email from a client who is the contact person for a condo building lobby project. Unfortunately, the carpet tiles we selected were installed incorrectly and needed to be changed out. As well, she had made the decision on her own to relocate the position of the main light fixture I had dropped off previously (photo below). In addition, the electrician was going to install 3 other light fixtures he thought would work in the lobby that neither of us had seen (yikes)! After following up, I updated the spreadsheet for the budget to see where we were at, went over the remaining pieces for the project, and set a time to meet later in the week.

In the afternoon, I drove 20 minutes into the country (going as little as 20 km/hour across a newly oiled road) to meet with a new client for a design consultation.

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Design Project Update {West Grove}

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all the love and support I received from you regarding our dog Reegan. The days are getting a little easier bit by bit, and I’m glad to finally be able to collect my thoughts.

As mentioned last week, I’m currently involved in some amazing decorating and design projects, and I thought I’d share a few update photos of one in particular. This new home build has been under construction for several months. I’ve been working closely with my clients to provide lighting suggestions, furniture space plans, as well as many of the decorating details. Possession is slated for mid-July when the hands-on work of furnishing and decorating the home will begin. Today I’m sharing photos and a few details of the kitchen, dining room, and living room which are all located along the backside of the house.


Design Project- White Kitchen with Marble Backsplash


The white kitchen, with chrome hardware and basketweave marble backsplash, is almost complete. We plan on adding 2 or 3 counter stools at the island that coordinate with the living room and dining room fabrics.


Design Project- White Kitchen with Marble Backsplash


The dining room, which is located between the kitchen and living room, has a built-in buffet that will house a beverage fridge.
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Light Fixtures for Open Concept Dining Rooms

One of my current client projects involves a decorating plan for an open concept living room, dining room, and kitchen at the back of the house. As gorgeous as these spaces can be, decorating them involves careful consideration to achieve a specific mood or feel for each area, while maintaining a cohesive and balanced look throughout the overall space. Selecting the right light fixtures for these types of spaces is particularly important in order to create a sense of flow and interest.
Open Concept Floor Plan


With the dining room smack dab in the middle of the living room and kitchen, it’s important to get this light fixture right. Too heavy or cumbersome, and the sight line will be impeded from one side of the house to the next. However, if it’s too small or insignificant, it won’t give the dining area enough presence, and the table could appear to be floating in the middle of the space.

Aside from these considerations, it’s also imperative to think about the style and size of the table in the dining area. We have already discussed a few options for the space, and my client is leaning towards a Salvaged Wood Trestle Table.


Salvaged Wood Trestle Table


Typically the light fixture in your dining room should be about one-third the length of your table. If the table is 84 inches long by 42 inches wide (as in this case), the lighting fixture should be about 28 inches in diameter. Another rule is to take the width of the room and multiply it by two. The number you get is the approximate measurement in inches that would be ideal for your space. For example, this dining room is 11 feet wide, so the light fixture diameter calculation is about 22 inches.

Of course these are only ballpark figures, and size of the light fixture can be adjusted up or down depending on the openness of style or heaviness of color or material.

For this particular dining room, there are several options I can see working very well. The first that comes to mind is an open cage chandelier which always seems to be the perfect balance between traditional and modern styling. I love that it has presence, but the openness of the design makes it a great choice for these kinds of spaces.

Open Cage Chandelier- Light Fixture for Open Concept


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Design Client Project Updates & More

How’s your week going? It’s been busy around here with new design projects on the go, as well as a couple others that are almost wrapped up. Both parts of the process are exciting, but I get the most satisfaction when clients are finally able to enjoy their newly finished spaces. I’ll be sharing a few update photos soon, including those custom made purple chairs my clients so daringly went with. I had my fingers crossed they’d love them, and when I got a sweet tweet on Thursday, I was both happy and relieved!

Design Client Tweet

For now I thought I’d show you a sneak peek of my latest design project. It’s a new home that’s currently in the drywall stage, and from what I can see so far, it’s going to be gorgeous!


Exterior Home Under Construction


I’ve been called in to develop space plans for many of the rooms, as well as sourcing a good portion of the furnishings. I can already tell that we’re on the same page with many of the ideas, and I can see this project being very rewarding.

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