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Simply Organized

Lets face it, we lead busy lives and dont always have the time, direction or know-how when it comes to organizing our homes. We often procrastinate, think its too overwhelming and dont know where to begin…

Read about how to get organized the easy way

Find Me on Hometalk Button

The Hometalk community is made up of people who are passionate about sharing home and garden advice, tips and inspiration…

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Getting Ready for Overnight Holiday Guests

There are a few simple details you can take car of before your overnight guests arrive to ensure everyone feels comfortable and more at home…

Find out how to prepare for overnight holiday guests

Spray Painters Anonymous

When Tiffany from Living Savvy first asked me to be part of series, I was excited and thought- I can totally do this! I’m no stranger to paint, but I have to admit my experience with spray paint has been limited…

Read this spray painters anonymous tray project

2 Bills 2 Blow

I was thrilled when Nikki asked me to be part of her 2 Bills 2 Blow series. The tricky part was deciding what room I would spend $200 on because I’m planning on doing quite a few updates this year…

Find out what decor I purchased with $200

Teal and Lime Blog
Mail Organization: An Ongoing Process 

“Shauna filled in the blanks for me on how to not just sort the mail, but also how to get rid of it (either recycling, shredding, filing). That was where we had a break down and ended up with mail piled…”

Read Jackie’s review of Conquering the Paper Trail

Ugly Tray Resuce

After going through my kitchen cupboards, I ended up with a large box of items ready to be donated to our local thrift shop. When asked to makeover something with spray paint by a blogger friend, I remembered an ugly tray…

Find out how to turn ugly into beautiful

Organizing Month on Living Savvy Blog
Organizing Tips

I’ve learned a number of great organizing tips over the years and Tiffany from Living Savvy asked me to share some of them for her Organizing Month…

Check out some of my own organizing methods

How I Organize My Spices

After Arianna asked me to share how I organize an item in my home, I knew my spice jar revamp would be perfect. This project was easy to do and the spice jars are super functional and look great.

Check out how I organize my spices

17 Savvy Ways to Organize Your Life

Tiffany from Living Savvy rounded up a few of us ‘organizing types’ to share some of our best tips for keeping our homes in order. Earlier this week, she was asked to pick some of her most-liked to share on the Curbly DIY design community…

Read my organizing tips on Curbly

Selecting Decorative Pillows for Your Space

When talking about decorative pillows, I’m often asked by clients how to get the right mix of sizes and patterns. In many cases it comes down to personal preference, but there are a few guidelines I like to follow.

Read my formula for selecting decorative pillows

So Canadian Eh?

Barbara writes a series showcasing Canadian designers, and although I was a bit intimidated by the caliber of her past participants, I thought it would be fun…

Read my interview with Barbara

5 Favorites of Fall

Tiffany hosted a series where bloggers shared their most-loved aspects of fall. After reading some of the other posts, it made me realize that, although we lived in different parts of North America, we loved many of the same things…

Check out what made my list


SavvyMom.ca is a resource for moms on everything from food, home, crafts, ideas for kids and more. I’ve been a regular storyteller, sharing such projects as my jingle bell ornaments, ideas for freshening up the kitchen, gluten-free Greek almond cookie recipe, and more…

Find out what SavvyMom.ca is all about

Organizing Month on Living Savvy Blog
Organizing Tips (Part Two)

Tiffany hosted organizing month on her blog once again and I shared some of my best tips for staying organized once you do all the work to get there…

Find out what I do to keep our home organized

 Shandra Ward Signature Style
Designing Women Interview

I was asked by Shandra Ward of Signature Style Magazine to share a bit about my design philosophy, how I got started in design, what a typical day in my life is like…

Read my interview at Signature Style Magazine

Designer Interview at Setting For Four
Designer Interview at Setting For Four

Heather from Setting For Four asked me to be part of her Designer Interview series along with Emily A. Clark, Darlene Weir…

Find out a little more about my designer side

Dressing Your Home for Fall

Tiffany from Living Savvy asked me to share some of my favorite home decor picks and tips for dressing a home for fall…

Check out my top fall decor picks and tips