About Shauna ObergHello and welcome to Satori Design for Living! I’m Shauna, design and decorating enthusiast, (recovering) neat freak, avid DIYer, thrifter, mom and wife.

During my childhood, growing up on a farm in the prairies of Alberta, the seed for my love of decorating and design was planted. While other girls were obsessing over Young Miss magazine, I couldn’t get enough of Better Homes and Gardens. Most of my free time (after school, sports and chores) was spent whipping up something in the kitchen, rearranging my room, drawing floor plans for my someday dream home, and honing my ability to paint, repurpose, and style anything I could get my hands on.

After high school, my early studies and career began in clothing design and construction, and eventually led to a career in teaching. Weekends and holiday breaks (when we weren’t running around with our son), freed up a little time to tackle DIY projects like wallpapering our bathroom, landscaping the back yard, and painting countless pieces of hand-me-down furniture. Gradually, with a lot of perseverance and a little money, we were able to transform each of our lack-lustre houses into something we were proud to call home. Friends and relatives began to take notice, and I quickly became the go-to girl for paint color selections, furniture layouts and sewing projects.

Eventually, we left small town life for something closer to city with a view of the mountains. It ended up being the perfect fit for this country girl at heart. A whole new world of possibilities opened up and, although I kept my foot in the teaching door, I knew it was time to consider “what I really wanted to do when I grew up.” Some soul searching was in order to find out what those little tugs and whispers were…

Fast-forward to 2008, when I finally gathered up just enough courage, and took a huge leap of faith to leave the classroom behind. I integrated everything I had learned about design, business, and life (and a lot of DIY), and founded Satori Design for Living.

It’s the place where I get to be creative, collaborate and share with amazing people like you and, most importantly, be a wife and mom who’s present (and happier with herself at the end of the day!). I guess you could say it’s where I feel connected and most at home…

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What Else? {A Few FAQs}

Was my career change a good call?

Yes! Although I missed interacting with the students and I took a step back financially at first, being able to create and manage my own business has been so rewarding. Everyday is an adventure for me. I am able to live my life creatively and thoughtfully. My passion is facilitating transformations that inspire, nurture, and fulfill.

What’s unique about Satori Design for Living?

Paint, flooring, fabric and furniture are all important aspects in designing a room. However, my strong sense of intuition enables me to see beyond the physical aspects of a space and create designs that strike a balance between desires, sentiments, practicality, and personality. I truly believe that our homes should be where we feel nurtured the most, and they should always tell our life story. My philosophy is that when we put life into our homes, our homes will give us life.

What is my educational background?

I hold a Bachelor of Science, with a background in textiles, design and art history, as well as an after degree in Education from the University of Alberta. In addition to having my certification in color consulting, business of design, and professional organizing, I’m someone who’s always immersed in learning. Lately, my focus has been on taking better quality photos and working with new design software.

A Little More…

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Although Satori Design for Living was founded in September of 2008, it took over two years for me to decide to start a blog, and another six months to create it. Find out why I finally took the plunge in the blog post Why Did I Start a Blog?

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