Slow Cooker Chick Pea Curry

This week our oven broke down and I’m having to be creative when it comes to meals. Thank goodness for our slow cooker, BBQ, and griddler or we’d be very limited in what we could prepare. Although the breakdown couldn’t have happened at a worse time, there’s definitely a part of me that is excited to finally be replacing the builder-grade appliance that hasn’t worked very well from day one (more on that later).

Because I plan meals at the beginning of the week, I still wanted to try and move forward with what I had selected and prepared for. We always try to do at least one meatless meal per week to save money and be a little more health conscious, and chick pea curry was on my list for Tuesday. Normally this recipe requires stovetop cooking, but I decided I would modify the recipe and see how it turned out in the slow cooker. I’m happy to report that it surpassed my original method and got a thumbs up by all.

Crockpot Chick Pea Curry

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Slow Cooker Chick Pea Curry

2 cups dried chick peas

1 cup fresh tomatoes, cut into large chunks

2 tsp. cumin

2 tsp. curry powder

½ tsp. ground coriander

1 tsp. salt

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

3 tbsp. fresh ginger, finely chopped

4 tbsp. jalapeno pepper, finely chopped

2 chicken bouillon cubes (105 grams each- look for MSG free) *can use vegetable stock

1 large onion, chopped

3 cups water (may need more)

1 can coconut milk (500 mL)

4 green onions, chopped


Add all ingredients except coconut milk and green onions to slow cooker. Place on low setting for 6-8 hours (cook times will vary), stirring a couple times if possible. Check for moisture (if it looks too dry add a little more water).

Before serving, stir in coconut milk and 3 chopped green onions. Use the remaining green onion to garnish.
Chick Pea Curry Made in Crockpot
This curry can also be served with rice or naan. It’s packed with protein and fiber which keeps you feeling full for a long time. Chick peas are also known to lower cholesterol and curry spices have many health benefits of their own. The best part is this dish is easier than ever to make and very tasty in my books!


Shauna Oberg

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    I love slow cooker recipes Shauna and this one looks so delish!  I love chickpeas and curry – the addition of the coconut milk must really take it to a whole other yummy level!  Thanks so much for sharing this at Project Inspire{d}!


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