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My front entrance is anything but welcoming. I have had ideas for decorating it in the back of my mind, but I thought I’d leave it for when our other renovations are done. It never fails that just when you finally get a wall perfectly painted that something scrapes up against it and ruins the finish. However, I am beyond feeling like waiting right now. Like Oprah says, your home should rise up and greet you. When I open my front door, I want to turn around and run in the other direction.

I’d really like to come home to something like this! Of course I’d need to add a rug because not having one in the climate I live in is impractical.

Beautiful Front Entrance via Living InspiredLiving Inspired

What do I find so wrong with my front entrance? First of all there are scrapes and marks all over the walls from backpacks, hockey bags, hockey sticks, and who knows what else. There are fingerprints because the space is too small to put a chair or small bench for anyone to sit to tie their shoes. Furthermore, the area rug has been there for years. Every summer I take it outside and give it a good hose down even though it isn’t indoor/outdoor (I don’t suggest doing this with an expensive rug) and let it dry on the driveway. It gets rid of the dirt and muck from winter and spring, but I’m afraid my cleaning trick has run its course. To add to my negative rant, the lighting is ho-hum and the flooring is starting to separate at the seams.

With all of these characteristics I don’t like, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything I do! I have to admit the front entrance isn’t an aspect that sold me on our house. I always knew there were small changes I could do to make it better and it’s one of those spaces I have neglected. This is the complete opposite of what I tell my clients!

One thing I did change several years ago was the closet configuration. When we moved in there was one shelf running across the length of the closet with a rod to hang jackets below. It was far from functional, so I took it down, painted (after filling the gigantic holes) and installed a system made by Rubbermaid. It was easy-peasy to do (no husband required) and it has worked well ever since. I was also able to repurpose the original closet shelf in the laundry room, which was a bonus.

I should probably mention that we weeded out the over-sized collection of jackets and hats (I still don’t know whose jacket that number 14 was- my son has only ever been 8 or 10.) I also added baskets to hold seasonal items and a storage cart on wheels for easy access to keys, mitts, dog leashes, etc.

It functions well for our family even though it doesn’t have a “wow” design factor. We keep the closet doors closed most of the time, so it really isn’t something that I feel needs addressing.

I think a good place to start with my front entrance makeover is selecting a new rug. The size I need isn’t standard and it’s proving to be a bit of a chore. Here are some indoor/outdoor rugs I’m considering (all from Overstock):


What do you think? As you can see, I’m leaning toward blues and blue/greens (no big surprise here!). I love that these all can be easily cleaned and are quite inexpensive. I should probably let you know that I’ve 99% decided to install rectangular grey slate tiles on the floor in a brick pattern. Perhaps that will sway your input.

I’d like to thank my renewing sponsor:

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Have a great weekend!

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    Shauna, I really like your entrance but I know that we can’t see everything you can. Are you keeping the light fixture and painted ceilings because they are just fab! I like all of your rug choices but my favorites are 2 and 4. But if you are going with grey slate you probably want to go with something that’s a little lighter than 4 like number 2. Number 2 will also bring in some of the colors from your bench sense the wood color will then be gone from the floor. My parents have grey slate in their entry way and it is beautiful it is actually original to their house was built in the early 70’s and the slate is still in perfect condition.  Good luck. 

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